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I finally have all the equipment for my first C02 rig. I have a dual stage regulator (Alan Le) and a 24oz paintball canister (please don’t fight me on this). I have the Aquatek paintball to cga320 adapter.

A regular 5lb tank has a valve on it, whereas obviously a paintball canister does not. I am looking at videos and Darkblade’s post, but I can’t find a good set of instructions/video on my specific configuration. This is the best one I can find. The only differences are he is using an Aquatek regulator and I have an atomic bubble counter and diffusor.

Would someone mind watching the video and telling me if this video would be a good guide for me? You only need to watch from 2:30 to 9:10. If not, do you know of a better video/written set of instructions?
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