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Unless you actually see the snail attack, kill, and start eating the shrimp you just can't be sure. People say they have seen planaria or hydra eating their shrimp as well but I don't recall anyone who actually witnessed the whole thing. I saw one of my CRS grab a planaria that walked by and started picking at it while the planaria was trying to get away. I have seen my juvi shrimp walk right up to a hydra, when they touched it they jumped away but then they continued on their way apparently unharmed.

Assassin snails could be able to eat shrimp, the cone shell is a marine snail that feeds off healthy fish. Unless you witness it though you just can't be sure, of course just because you don't see it doesn't mean it isn't happening.
I have witnessed this. Planaria and similar organisms (these snails included) are highly specialized. For simple purposes I'll keep it simple. What they do is similar to a spider, they inject the prey with venom, then suck out all the insides. Planaria are even poisonous to touch for shrimp and if you notice they do jump away at the slightest touch of a planaria.

On the other side one of my CRS ATE a planaria's stomach. Now that was weird. It somehow sliced the end off and ate the stomach out:eek5:

So guys open your eyes and stop being silly, carnivorous animals will eat prey animals end of story.

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