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Assassin snails and shrimp

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So, I hear that assassin snails can potentially kill healthy shrimp. I have a ton of berried RCS and a few weeks time before I potentially see babies.

I wanted to slim down my snail population before the babies come. I was thinking about introducing 4 assassin snails just for a little while to reduce the population of snails. I would then remove them and return them. I don't mind losing a shrimp or two, but I don't want my RCS population to get spooked.

Should I do it? Is there a better non chemical way of doing it?

thank you!
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I would were it me,, wait until the shrimp's have dropped so that the assassin's still have plenty of food (snail's), and don't turn their attention's to the shrimp.
I have a few assassin's in tank with cherry shrimp,amano shrimp, but also lot's of snail's.
Less snail's,,,,and the assassin's being largely carnivore's,could view tiny shrimp as alternate food.
My two cent's.
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