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Marble[censored]Crayfish[censored]is well-known as Marmokrebs - The world’s only self-cloning[censored]crayfish.
my crayfish has had babies. I will be sending them to you about one week old. My crayfish has a beautiful blue color if that matters. Crayfish do need to be kept in their own tank, as they kill plants, eat fish and snails...they self clone and have hundreds of babies at a time . They can be used as live food for turtles, cichlids. ..etc.

these can never be released in the wild. I will be selling packages of 5 +1 free. $12 plus shipping.

Assassin snails 12 +2free $20 plus shipping.

Heat pack extra, not shipping to ak. Crazy temps wont ship.

pm if interested
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