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Assassin snail eggs and temperature

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My assassins have started laying eggs. Its winter here in the uk and i prefer to let the tank temperature rise and fall with the room (the rooms radiator is never turned on) as such the tank water temperature can get quite low (not really cold at a guess i would say the lowest it ever gets is 15 degrees im hoping to get a thermometer today to find out the exact temperature of the room at night)
iv'e had the tank this way for a few years now and the inhabitants are fine (endlers, cherry shrimp, assasssins and various pest snail) since the room is not heated the temperatures are fairly steady with no sudden dip, just a slow decrease of room temp at night.
My question is will the assassin snails hatch in these night temperatures or not. How are the eggs effect by differing night and day temperatures ( in the wild the temperatures would dip, but probably not so low)This is the first time my assassins have laid eggs so im not sure how the temps will effect the eggs (The adults are fine with these temperatures but im not sure about the eggs)

Thanks in advance for any advice