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Assassin and Malaysian Trumpet snails

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For those of you who have MTS and keep their population in check with Assassin snails (population balance).

How many of each do you keep? size of tank? any other snail types? substrate?

Just trying to get a feel of how many I want keep of my MTS stock I just received. I want to feed my Assassins, yet I want to keep a population of MTS alive.
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I have a 20 long with pond snails and mts. I put 3-4 assassins in there and all populations are doing fine. I have a good amount of snails without having too many.
What would you estimate your population of Pond snails and MTS at the time of Assassin introduction? What about now?

I had 100 or so pond snails in a 29G and I then introduced 5 Assassin snails and within a month I have no pond snails that I can see. Just white shells adorning my substrate. I may just slim down my Assassins to one per 20 MTS and see how it goes.
I have noticed a decrease but my snail population wasn't huge before I added assassins. Maybe 100 total. I do see empty shells from both species on my substrate, and it seems I now have more pond snails than mts.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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