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I switched to a low tech tank last week 3rd Oct. I used the same filter media and rocks, presuming they have already been colonised. Introduced the fishes after 30hrs. I've been changing 20% water every 2 days.

Today, I tested the water before water change and got Reading 1 (check img).

Changed 20% water, added CO2 booster, ammo lock and API Quick start as recommended and got Reading2. The NH3 is at 0.25ppm, whilst Ammonia is at 2ppm.

Please check the images.

The fishes are Mbuna Cichlids and they seem to be absolutely fine. Though the water seems clear, I can see that it's a little cloudy vs being crystal clear. (could be the glass, maybe?)

I get heartbroken to see any of my fish die. Can someone please guide me?

Thanks in advance. 馃檹馃徑

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I think you have too many fish of that type/size for an unestablished tank. Really just that tank. There's, what? about 20 fish in there? That will will be at least 3 inches each in a, let's say 20 gallon on the high side. So 60 inches is way more than 20 gallons in the inch per gallon ratio. Even now, with 20 fish @ 2 inches you're double the rule of thumb for fish to gallon ratio. and with minimal surface in there or substrate for bacteria to grow in it's harder to keep more fish. Even with a filter.

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Is that aquasoil? If so, aquasoil leeches ammonia for a bit if it鈥檚 new.
Yes it is. And yes you are right.
However it's been a month now and I can proudly say that I've successfully completed a fish-in cycle. This was my first time setting up a planted tank.
But the amount of care, discipline and planning that went into it was unparalleled.
I've not done anything like this before.
My only motivation was - I'll not let a single fish die. Not on my watch!
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