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AS causes Cloudiness

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the current is causing my Aquasoil to dissolve and causing cloudiness, can i just bed it with a thin layer of sand?
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Anything you cap aquasoil with will eventually end up mixed in with or below the aquasoil unless the grain size is larger than the grain size of the aquasoil.
Either ur current is way too strong/direct on the soil or u haunt waited for it to settle.. Brand new it took me prob 3~4 days to fully settle

Good luck =)
Ya i had the same problem with new aquasoil. When it settles down the cloudiness will go away. I would check your flow though too it shouldnt be disturbing the substrate.
i dont think it's simply waiting it out or more w/c.. cloudiness increase with time.
Is this As still good? i fear it's just dissolving

thanks for help so far. it's my first time dealing with Aquasoil, so im kinda in the dark.
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Are you using Amazonia I or Amazonia II? There seem to be a lot of bags of defective Amazonia II which break down easily and prematurely leading to water clarity problems beyond the normal start up period. The grains that are falling apart tend to be reddish brown like the ones I see in your picture. If it is Amazonia II you may be able to get it replaced depending on where you bought it.
I'm setting up a new 8 gallon tank and its day 3 with Amazonia 1 and it's still can't see the back of the tank.

Its an Oceanic 8 gallon setup.

Any suggestions because when i get home tonight I'm going to drain all the water and try again.
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