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32 Minute session today. Did some cleaning of the Buce (no pruning just a good rinse down), replanting of yet more floating, semi-floating Blyxa and continue to pick away at the stubborn little bits of algae that I can find.

Excel is surely helping with the issues and the Amanos are busy munching away at all the dying pieces. During the week, I start dose areas where I can see and Saturday receives no Excel what so ever. Soon I will be able to dose Tue/Thu/Sat like I used to.

I believe I should have never stopped, but I also have reduced the plant mass along with fast growers, something I plan to correct.

Hygro is doing well and next week, I start cutting and replanting. Definitely a nice plant for the tank, but really itching to start working on the Aquascape for this years AGA Aquascaping Contest. Album this session was "This is Kyle Preston" on Spotify.

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