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Arizona Gardens ( = Liars!

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I have a bone to pick with AZ Gardens... Well, a couple.

Dwarf Puffers: On their website they say that dwarf puffers are social. Anyone who knows DPs knows they are territorial and will fight each other aggresively.

Golden Clams: They say they will not disturb your plants. Unfortunately, a clam moving arounf in your substrate can and will uproot some plants.

Shipping: You will pay at least $50 for shipping, but since they bill the shipping separately you don't know this at the time that you order...

DOA Policy: They claim to give store credit for DOAs. I had a DOA shrimp, but they never returned any of my emails about getting that $3 credit back.

And now, this is what really gets me:

11-17-07 HEMIANTHUS CALLITRICHOIDES You may also know these plants as Dwarf Baby Tears, and is becoming a very popular foreground plant across the country! We're growing them, and you can have them in your tank this week! Click here

(Click Here brings you...)

Just Listed Hemianthus callitrichoides Common name: Dwarf Baby Tears Sold in 2" plastic pots only. Very well sought after foreground plant. Very EZ to grow. ALSO AVAILABLE MOUNTED ON DRIFTWOOD!

Note it says Very EZ to grow. Now, we all know HC is NOT "Very EZ to grow." They know this also, here is an email they replied to before my first order, well before their announcement:

Re: Hemianthus callitrichoides‏ From: Online Orders ([email protected]) Sent: Thu 8/30/07 5:19 PM To:

not too sure, not very common at our nursery, VERY hard to grow.
----- Original Message -----
To: [email protected]
Sent: Wednesday, August 29, 2007 8:48 AM
Subject: Hemianthus callitrichoides

Will this be available anytime soon? Thanks.​
The email said "VERY hard to grow," but now the website says "Very EZ to grow."

It appears that AZ Gardens are just like your average LFS, giving misinformation just to make a sale...
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Unfortunately, I've heard alot of negative feedback about them and will not order from them.

This shows you really have to be aware of who you're ordering from. :)
It's pretty obvious that they have a lot of wrong information, but I don't really hold it against them. No worse than your average store. Also, HC is not really all that hard to grow.
well, if you want your fish to live during transport, you have to pay the $50, overnight.
Thing is, I would just pay the extra 10 for airport pickup if they had it. If you're going to pay that much anyway, might as well have a better chance.
I purchased some tools for my side business (non-aquarium related), $23 overnighted. Similar size and weight of the box. They tacked on $30, and no ice packs or anything like that to show for it... You couldn't even tell there were live animals inside without opening the box. Its like they bill the shipping later so they can intentionally hose you on it.

HC requires favorable conditions to do well. Its easy to keep HC alive, but if you want to actually carpet it will take a bit more care, and requires a decent setup. The point is that in their email to me they stated VERY hard to grow, and on the website they say is very easy to grow. Hypocrites.
Ha! Some store trying to take people's money. I hate such stores that lie.
These guys are terrible!! Most of us have had probs with them and will never use them again. I dont understand how they are still in biz? I imagine they sell to LFS's or something, because they make it very challenging for normal people like us to like them.

reeferton, if you had problems with azgardens 3 Months ago, why bitch about it now?
a quick search of this forum and you'd have found dozens complaining about azgardens
yet you researched enough to avoid, but not also avoid azgardens :icon_roll
did you order from azgarden's a second time, and get screwed even worse?
if so, I have no sympathy for you, sorry, and we don't need yet another
warning about this very well known plant buying hazard.

BTW, I purchased from both and azgardens
and is far better to deal with than azgardens.
it's a shame you didn't give them a try instead of making the same
mistake twice :confused:
All I read about azgardens was "they overcharge shipping" so I wasn't suprised that they overcharged me, just by how much.
The truth is, the plants I got from them were actually very good.
I was actually going to give them a second chance, shipping charges and all, when I noticed the HC thing and decide to share. That would have been my bad, luckily they added some more evidence of their crookery to steer me clear.
Not to mention, I realized that they never replied to my DOA email :icon_mad:

So you say you had good luck with, was this recently, after the supposed "management change" when the service got all crappy?
I bought from azgarden's two years ago;
shrimp arrived dead, so did half the plants.
plant portions were tiny, and everything
was thrown into a plain cardboard box with
no special $35 packaging. all fish were fine,
but far more juvenile than was expected.

I photographed and emailed what was dead
while still in the bags, and they replaced it,
and even let me add a few items I paid for
without any additional shipping cost to me.
It was clearly their fault because instead of
shipping on a Mon/Tuesday they shipped on
a Thursday, so everything arrived on Monday.

I have been tempted to buy from azgardens
again, but have always managed to second
source what I needed, so thankfully I won't
fall for that mistake twice.

I agree many of their livestock descriptions
are misleading, but I see a lot of that kind
of abuse on other web sights, so I can't
really blame azgardens for the same tactic.

this is why people should search forums and
ask questions about future purchases before
getting stuck with the wrong fixture, a non
aquatic plant, or a fish that will chase around
and eat all their other community tank fish :icon_roll


I bought 2 bags of eco-complete free ship
from a year ago, so I
don't know if you can fairly add such a dry
goods purchase to your opinion survey, but
the emails, timing and packaging were fine.

back then they had just started selling those
5gal drums of SMS for $30 shipped, so at the
time they were bending over backwards to
make forum buyers like us happy. it was also
before they had very many plants to sell.

ironically, now a year later, I'm about to
abandon that eco-complete, and use the
SMS I bought from Lesco in my new tanks,
so I wish I had been more trusting with AP :redface:
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I wonder if they got there description messed up with other species often caled baby tears, I know there is atleast 3 species I've seen with this name, and the stuff I have (Micranthemum umbrosum?) grows like a nasty weed and the only tank I couldnt grow it in was my brackish tank.
You make a good point.
Take the chain sword, theres "regular" chain sword, pygmy chain sword, and narrow leaf chain sword, and I have seen all three of these labelled as E. tenellus...
My LFS actually recommended them because they had such a large variety of shrimp and he said AZG won't sell to retailers.

I pretty much ordered one of their algae clean up crews that they advertise online along with some clams and a couple of clown plecos. The packaging was worse than I had expected especially after seeing the shipping charges. The fish bags were stuffed in with a few scraps of packing foam. Almost half of the shrimp and almost all of the ottos were DOA. This was despite the fact that the shipment arrived next day and was taken inside and bags floated in the tank almost immediately. The two plecos were both missing their tail fins and they forgot my order of clams. They did throw in lots of extra nerite snails, but some were DOA and a bunch died withing a couple of weeks. Within the next week, I pretty much lost all of the livestock except for the plecos, one flying fox, a few cherry shrimp, and 6 out of 8 SAE's.

They were very prompt with refunding my money, however without needing to see pictures including the cost of the plecos. I just called them and they credited my card back the following Monday. I was still out of my shipping fee. Lesson learned. I found their customer service to be good, but out of sympathy for the livestock, I will not order fish or shrimp from them again.
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I bought some plants from AZ not too long ago, the Limnophilia Aromatica was not the right plant, the java fern I purchased for 18, they said had 20+ leaves arrived with 4 leaves, the Ludwigia inclinata var. verticillata 'Cuba' came half dead and still not sure it's the right plant. On top of that, like everyone else has stated, I paid 45 dollars shipping.
I have ordered twice from AZG, I was satisfied with the plants/fish/shrimps. I was actually very satisfied with the plants that I bought, the fish didn’t look as good as the picture online (but what do you expect...that's marketing) and I few shrimp died (again...what do you expect...they we shipped from AZ to VT). Before placing my order I did call, expressing my concern the shipping from AZ to VT, so they sent me a couple extra shrimp. No matter how fast they ship, the people loading the plane don’t' care what is in the package.
The quality of product, the pre purchase service and post purchase service was good. The only thing that I don’t like is the extremely high shipping cost and the only reason why I wouldn’t go back.
I only ordered once from AZ Gardens (just plants). The plants arrived fine, but I never bought from them again for the same reason as bwagner - the shipping cost was ridiculous.
I just read their Shipping and FAQ pages. Very funny stuff. While they lay out what everything is and how to go about certain things, they are very obnoxious with the methods that they follow.

You have to have specific subject lines or they will be SPAMMED OUT. (LOL)

Quote from shipping section:

"Two charges on your credit card from us? All too often we are asked this question. Yes, our company charges separately for your product invoice and your shipping. We charge for shipping after your order is packed because these charges are based on the ACTUAL weight of your package, as we do not try to guess your shipping fee or base your shipping fees on the dollar amount you spend. Monday is our usual day to charge for product, and Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are the days we charge for shipping. We charge FedEx list rates for the day your shipment goes out, as rates can vary from day to day."

Based on the experiences you guys have shared, I would take a guess and say that someone is stepping on the scale when they weigh the packages for shipping.

This "hit the card twice" mentality is a new one for me. I buy a lot of stuff over the Internet and I have never had my card hit just for shipping costs. I buy big, heavy, and sometimes live things. I have never seen or heard of this.

The other thing is who the hell ships out live animals on Thursdays? If you are going to ship out animals, you should have them at the shipper on Monday morning or Tuesday at the latest. Shipping beyond that (especially to people on the other side of the country) doesn't make any sense at all. Sure it is overnight shipping, but if something gets screwed up on Friday during the shipping phase it is very possible that it will delay things past Saturday. That automatically means that the package can be expected on Monday or Tuesday.

No margin for error and I guess it is easy to issue store credit for livestock losses.

Question to those of you that have lost animals/plants/etc. Were you issued a store credit and did the animals ship for free or did you have to pay for shipping again?
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They never replied to my emails about my DOAs.
I found the best way to contact them is via phone call. I usually stick to the nerites anyway so I haven't had any problems dealing with them. I bought 127 they ship me 188. That alone covered the shipping costs in my mind. I've never bought fish from them though.
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