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Aridarum ?

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Has anyone kept this plant. Looks fairly easy to grow. Just wanting to find some info on how you are keeping it.
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i keep it emerged tied to a lava rock so far it has been growing fairly fast
I have grown it submersed (aquasoil substrate) for six months. It was growing well but I have an emersed set up now (aquasoil substrate and very high humidity covered tank).
Aridarum is a genus of flowering plants in the Araceae family that consists of seven species. The plant is aquatic and has willow-shaped leaves that are able to take strong currents without sustaining damage.
Thanks everyone, I will be getting some in soon two different type.
What is the best way to grow these plants? They seem to like to attach to crevices in rocks on or near waterfalls. I have some emersed specimens which appear to be growing aerial roots, (they are these thick white roots coming down off the stem at approximately a forty five degree angle). I've seen that they tend to grow in a current, and thus do not remain vertical, so I figure they are looking to send runners out, am I correct? How would you recommend re-potting/planting these to maximize on this?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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