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Are these planaria or rhabdocoela worms?

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Hello all, I'm new to this hobby. I started a planted tank 15 days ago. It was until yesterday, I started really looking in the tank then I realized there are various worms living inside.

A little background info, it's planted without any livestock, it has been 2 weeks into the cycle. I haven't used any ammonia or fish food etc to start it. So there wasn't any feeding or whatsoever.

Video of the said worms, I'm worried about the small ones moving around, can't tell if they are
planaria or rhabdocoela. I intend to keep shrimps in this tank in the future, so I'm want to make sure it's even safe to begin with.
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The skinny ones are just common detritus worms. Extremely common, really, with new tanks like yours. They'll begin to disappear as your tank ages and their food source dwindles. Not harmful at all.

Planaria have pokey, triangular, pointed heads and are easy to spot. I zoomed in on every section of the video for a few minutes and they look and move like Rhabdocoela. While one of them looks kinda-ish like Planaria (right side), it eventually moves and you can see it doesn't have a triangular head.

If you're concerned, though, you could try manual removal with a turkey baster or syringe. Planaria/worm traps also work well. But I bet they'll all kinda disappear as the tank ages and you move critters in.
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