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Are these eggs on Dwarf Sag?

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I just received these plants and found this growth on the leaves. It feels slightly gritty and comes off when I rub it. Are these some kind of eggs?

Also, the Rotala Indica came without any roots. Can I plant it as is? How deep should it be planted?

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A closer picture of the "eggs" would help.

The rotala indica are plant trimmings. They can be planted just like any other plant.
When stem plants get too tall, you can trim the tops and replant the trimmings.
Make sure you do plant each stem individually though. It will look a lot better when it grows in.
Shove them deep enough into the substrate that they won't come loose and float away. 1"-2" should be fine.
Personally, I've found that rotala trimmings root and grow faster than already-rooted stems. This is just my experience though, and I don't know if it's luck or science.
I don't think those are eggs... but I don't know. They actually look like some kind of mineral or crystal deposits, it's strange. On second thought, it looks like parmesan cheese?
mmmmmm.. cheese.

looks like your sag is in crudy condition. I'd email the seller.
I'd bleach disinfect the plant and trim and throw away the crud.

Stick the rotala in the substrate as far as you can.
They actually look like some kind of mineral or crystal deposits
Here's a pic of it dried. It does appear to be some kind of deposit rather than eggs. Feels like the stuff on my bath tiles :). All of the pictures in this thread were taken after a one minute bleach bath.

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