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Hi, in the past I've gotten some Red Rili's from Nikki (ShrimpLab). Today I picked up some more from a local seller. He mentioned that he keeps both red and blue Rili in the same tank, and hoped I didn't mind some blue coloration.

So here's a photo. The female on the far left who is berried, is one of the Red Rili's I purchased from Nikki. The others dog piling on the food are the "red rili" I got today. You'll notice their bodies are MUCH more blue.

My question is, are the shrimp I got today Blue Rilis, Red Rilis, or a hybrid?

I've never seen a blue rili in person, but have been told the difference is their bodies are blue. (Not to be confused with "true blue rilis" where the spots are blue instead of red.) Here's a link to a photo of an "official" blue rili for reference:


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