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Hi all,

Sunday, I added 6 otos to my 20 gal, and they have cleaned house! It was super fun seeing my Amazon Swords get scoured, but I'm a little disappointed they don't seem to be taking much notice of the driftwood, which has brown, fibrous stuff growing on it in plenty.

But now I've got the problem of keeping the otos fed. Today, I'm getting some zucchini in hopes of supplying their immediate need. For the longer run, I'm going to cultivate algae in a glass jar near my back door.

Right now, I've got a bunch of leftover slate from my initial setup, but I'm wondering if there's a better type of rock which will more readily grow good algae on it. Anyone know?


(I'm also upping my tank's photoperiod from 8 hrs/day to 10 to help in-tank algae beef up some.)
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