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I have had the unfortunate experience of having too much co2 in the past so I am exceptionally cautious when it comes to adjusting my co2 levels. I am not certain if this was the 1/16th to 1/8th knob turn on the co2 valve, or whether or not I'm just paying more close attention since having adjusted it. Could use a set of more experienced eyes to help.

I have seen what the "gasping for air" looks like. This is not quite it. But I do not want to hurt the fish. Unsure if they are just top feeding on stuff blowing on the surface from the filter.

This is the most stressful part of the hobby for me so I very much appreciate the community's help.

Here are clips. I can take more if you would like. The tiny turn of co2 occurred 2 days ago. They don't always swim near the surface but the bigger female emeralds seem to do it most.

I am aware of the yellow drop checker with a calibrated solution. I use a calibrated pH pen but have hard water out of the tap that seems to throw things off quite a bit. Thanks for your time and experience.
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