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Are my Celestial Pearl Danios (CPD) fighting???

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I noticed that my fish have kinda been fighting a little bit, are they showing dominance or should i be worried? they're in a take with 5 other females. Bought them when they were pretty small babies and its been about 3-4 months now, are they getting to the time where they start mating? cause I haven't really seen anything to suggest that yet :icon_conf
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thanks for the helpful comments guys, I have one more question. At about 0:35 secs another CPD not quite so colorful comes into the screen, is that a female? Intuition tells me yes, but lately I've seen the males kinda chase them away (I usually watch them mostly around feeding time) I sometimes see the males go up to these "females" and shake their bodies too, but nothing really seems to stem from it. I've got about 2 males and 5 "females" but no mating like behavior :( any suggestions? I've had these guys since babies though, been about 9 mo's now, are they perhaps not mature enough yet? or maybe its the feeding habits? they're only fed once a day where maybe 30-40 pellets come out of my auto feeder. i've got two rainbow signifers that gobble up a crapload of food.
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