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Why did I saw pictures of them online X_X?. They are really pretty.

I called from my nearest petco and they have them. Yikes!

How are their personalities? Are they aggressive? Tail nippers? Do they swim top, middle or bottom? I like their blue colors. I'm already over stocked, but I have two 70 aquaclear filters and lots of plants. My tank looks too empty in the middle. I have in mind either getting more gold pristella tetras or black neon tetras. But I want to have at least a school of colorful fish.

I have:

2 - Pearl gouramis (male and female)
4 - Butterfly Danios
5 - Gold Pristella tetras
3 - Siamese Algae eaters (probably 2"-3" inch ish)
1 - mickey mouse platy
1 - bolivian ram
1 - electric blue ram
6 - Otocinclus
6 - Kuhli loaches
20 - Amano shrimps and 1 red cherry shrimp (it's impressive how the rcs swims near the rams)
??? - pond snails (I taught my fish to eat them)

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We've had a small group (5-6) for about a year now and I'm always tempted to get more!

They have such a unique swimming style (almost vertical) so they are a pleasure to watch. They also have great color (our have the deep blue eyes and hints of yellow on their bodies) Our group is inquisitive, but I've never seen them be aggressive towards any of their other tank mates. We've kept them with: gouramis, glass catfish, swordtails, kuhli loaches, one very large pleco, and synodontis petricola

They are great!
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