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Are Cyclopoids bad for a shrimp tank?

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The other day I was getting ready to clean the glass on my shrimp tank when I noticed these white specks moving around.

They kinda move like shrimp when they move around the glass. After searching the internet, they look most like a Cyclopoid.

I was just wondering if these would be harmful to any baby shrimp or snails i may have. Would they be the reason why my trapdoor snails never seem to want to come out of their shells?
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Thanks :)
could be, the pics look about the same when i google them.

The best view i can get is a fuzzy outline when i try to take a super macro pic, but thats what the outline looks like. Except the tails don't look split, but being that small, it could be and i just cant tell. Looks like I have tank lice to me. lol

What would eat those but not the shrimp?
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My guppies eat them. I mean I had guppies in the tank before, took them out, had an explosion of detritus worms and "tank lice" (lol), put the guppies back in and boom the worms and lice were gone or very scared.....
I think most any fish would eat them. I've only seen weird little bugs like this in my shrimp only tanks.
Reminds me of Pinky and the Brain, whenever I see them, they're always planning to take over the tank(world) with shrimp bugs. Haha. They're not harmful from my experiences, just an eye sore.
tiny inverts rock ! I have copepods,ostracods,daphina,gammarus,isopods,fingernail clams,freshwater limpets,planiaria(flatworms) and ocasionaly fairyshrimp in with my rcs and have not had any problems.
most of these tend to be normal inhabitants of my planted tanks.In my opinion they help to clean up and add some intrest to the tank. also have them in the refugium on my brackish tank
plus they make great fish snacks!
small things that will eat them but not your shrimp may include small rasboras, neon tetras, ghost shrimp(usualy wont bother rcs except for hatchlings),guppies,and some of the smaller killi fish.
may be others but that is what i can thinkof off the top o' me head
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