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Are Amanos born with their side/top markings?

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Are Amanos born with their side/top markings? Or is that something that develops later on as they mature?

I cant seem to find an answer out there about it, or maybe im just googling it wrong. Just curious as so far ive gotten a few shrimp from 2 different LFS, both were assured to be true Amanos, but they dont look anything like the pictures I see online.
None of them have the side dots or dashes. One is a female and is berried, but again, no markings on the sides. She does have a tan line running down her back from nose to tail. Shes hiding in my java moss wall, but from the short glimpses it appears the eggs are a dark color (dark brown/black)

The other ones all look similar to themselves, very clearish body, except for one which is opaque with a reddish tinge on the shell (i think he might be a goner soon), and on the smaller side at roughly 1". I know they arent ghost shrimps before anyone throws it out there (i have several healthy ghosties for comparison)

They have cleared up a wall of diatoms on the plastic canvas mesh around my moss wall. But they just dont look anything like the pictures I see online of what an amano should be. I want to know atleast what I have here.
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