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Are All Giesemann Powerchrome bulbs HO?

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This is a bit of a silly question. I bought a custom-made Catalina fixture a few years ago, and it is high time to change the bulbs. I can't for the life of me remember if this was a HO fixture or not. I think it is, but I have Giesemann Powerchrome T5 bulbs in there, and they don't say anything about being HO. But I do seem to remember that all Giesemann bulbs are HO. Can someone confirm that? The German website only shows the bulbs that I have. Says nothing about NO/HO
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Thanks so much, guys!

I've been pretty happy with mine as well. I am replacing mine after over two years. I should have done it earlier of course - colors and output aren't ideal anymore - but they did well for a pretty long time.

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I had 2 duds so far. One burned out within 5 mins and I just found one that is barely dim after 6 months.

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