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like everything in the hobby, ymmv.

I built a 240 gallon, 8x2x2 ft. I put in central and south american cichlids, oscars, salvini, jaguars, dovii, red devils, red terrors, as well as arrowana and tiger shovel nose.

Guess what happened. Nary a death, jaguars, oscars, salvini all had spawns plus raised some to well beyond fry size. Arrowana met its usual death, jumping out.

In my current 140, leleupi and brichardi are breeding, with juvenile fish present now, with peacocks, brevia and others all in tank.

Cichlids can be housed in a variety of tanks, planted or not, but be prepared that it might not work. My experience has been raise a bunch from juveniles and it might work out. Adding more mature fish to an established set up is much more problematic
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1 - 1 of 39 Posts
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