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Years ago I used to keep quite a lot of fish including archer fish (I need them again honestly one of my fav fish only thing imo that competes with them are good old three spined stickle backs ;) )
Anyway for an assignment we got to compare different diets for a species and decide which one is best. So I decided I might do archer fish and/or standard tropical fish... anyway anyone know what nutritional requirements they actually require to maintain optional health?
Main things I need are:
Protein %
Fat %
Carbohydrate %
Calcium + Phosphorous %
And Fibre %

I never really thought about the exact nutritional requirement for the fish I had I'd just try to replicate their natural diet as best I can for the bulk then supplement with dry feed. So like my archers throughout a week they'd get insects and F/T stuff like blood worms and brine shrimp 4 times a week, flake and/or pellet 2 times a week and I'd also add grated up lettuce and popped uncooked peas once a week and chopped fish once a week (wouldn't have a strict food of the day it might be pellets and blood worm, lettuce and fish, insects and fish ect so all random)
And all my other standard (non specialised) tropical fish such as tetras, rasboras, danios gourami's ect would get insects twice a week, F/T insects like blood worms ect 5 times a week, flake/pellet/tablets twice a week, grated lettuce and cucumber twice a week and chopped fish once every 2 weeks.
Insects (fed whole, chopped or crush/exploded depending on the fish) fed were:
Earth worms
Meal worms
Morio worms
Wax worms
Fruit flies
Solider flies
House flies
And the crickets, locusts, meal worms and morio worms would be gut loaded on veggies and spirulina

So I'm gonna be comparing the difference if fed just insects, just F/T and one of the brands of fish flakes I like to use....
Anyway can anyone give me the nutritional requirements for those fish to maintain adult health in the form of what % each nutrient should make of their daily intake if that makes sense?....

Cheers all :p
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