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Arcadia Arc Tank 35 litres Shrimp Question

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Ok I have spotted another option for a shrimp tank, Just want some peoples opinions on using these tanks for breeding and keeping CRS and RCS, are they adequate or too small?

Would a simple sponge filter be good enough for these tanks or would an external canister be a better option?
I will have cash to buy a new Aquarium setup this Monday coming but I'm finding it difficult to choose a tank, Ive narrowed it down to either a Fluval Osaka 155ltr, two Fluval EBI tanks or two of these Arcadia Tanks, what would you choose?

Dimentions: 28x40x33cm (WxLxH)

The Arcadia Arc Tank is a stylish compact aquarium kit for the novice or experienced aquarist, and its modern open top design provides fascinating, unobstructed views into your aquarium.

* Ideal size for the living room, kitchen or bedroom.
* Suitable for coldwater fish (i.e. goldfish), or tropical fish with the addition of an aquarium heater (not included)

Supplied with:
* Arcadia Arc Pod with Original Tropical lamp
* Power filter
* Glass Aquarium with removable lid

Edit: Sorry Mods I posted in the wrong section, please move to Shrimp section thankyou ;)
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a sponge filter should be good for a small shrimp tank
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