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Hi, this is my first post here... mainly because this is my first attempt at a "planted tank"

After having my 35L tank running for a while with the usual fake plants/ornaments/standard pebble substrate... I've decided to plant it properly.

I've just put in new substrate (plant nutrient base and fine gravel on top) and added some plants (dont ask me what they are).

on top of this i have been recommended a CO2 unit too, a Tetra CO2-Depot... its had mixed reviews but seems good enough for my small set up.

Basically i need to know if the 11w Arc Pod that came with my tank is powerful enough for decent growth?

From what i can find, you cant get more powerful bulbs for them... and was thinking about just adding a second 11w Arc Pod to give it a little boost.

Any thoughts?


ps. How do you stop the smaller plants (at the front of my tank) from uprooting and floating too the top of the tank?
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