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After my mammoth 6X2.5 project,

I've moved out and sold the big tank and now have a 75 litre and a 300 litre.

So onto my 75 litre.

Tech specs:
Lighting - 2 X 15 watt powerflo/life glo bulbs
Filtrationby a eheim 2213
CO2 - soda stream bottle, adaptor and some cheapo regulator with a cheapo pollen diffuser (DUPLA bubble counter woah!!, cost more than my regulator/diffuser put together!)
Substrate - plain gravel with Tetra Initial Sticks and Crypto root tabs and 7 balls.

plants - went crazy today, hair grass, random crypts, balansae, hygro, chain sword. planted it out.

1 bubble every 10 seconds.. i may up this depending on how the plants do, but curently i dont want to risk the fish getting co2 poisoned in such a small tank.

Does anyone have any clue as to how much I should dose co2? It's going to be on 24/7 as I didnt get one with a solenoid.

future inhabitants will be:

a pair of checkerboard cichlids
5 neons or cardinals
trio of hatchet fish

Cheers all

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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