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aqueon glass heater

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Got a aquaon glass heater about 150-200 watts.
The heater is about a yr old and now its acting up.

I set it at 75f, tank is 86f.
Set it at 73f, tank is 83f.
Should I trash the heater?

My 3 yr old jebo heated out last the aquaon.

What you guys think about the pro model?
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I would replace the unit. but also contact aquaon see if there is still a warrenty avaliable.

i am using two pro models. one going strong since last october 100w and the other 150w recently installed. the other heater i have is the eheim ebo jager 75w. just works as expected. i like that the exterior is not glass and also that there is an ON and Heating light.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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