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Hey all,

I've really enjoyed reading everyone's journals, so here's my feeble attempt. Starting this more for feedback and constructive criticism, please be gentle. :)

Aqueon Evolve 8, standard lighting, heater added. Modified the filter by drilling holes in the bottom of the media chamber, and used a bag of Biomax70 and AC70 sponge as I've seen here on the forums.

Substrate: mixed 20lbs of EcoComplete with 5 pounds of fine black aquarium sand, used about half of the mixture (rest to go to my betta tank rescape).

Cryptocoryne parva (found at PetCo of all places!)
Ludwigia repens narrow leaf
Hygrophila - not sure what species, hopefully compacta

Nothing as of yet. Want to let this grow in really well first, then considering some cherry shrimp and possibly Endler's livebearers.

So, pics are worth a thousand words, right? Initial planting:

Top view before flooding. Slightly raised up in the corner where the water sprite is.

After sitting overnight to let things settle:

Without flash - sorry, only have a point and shoot and I'm not the best photographer:

That's it for now. Considering trying out some CO2 on this, thinking about the Fluval 88 system. I've read a lot on the forums, and know it's not the most cost effective, but it's cheaper intial cost anyway. I've got some questions about CO2 anyway, but I'll save them until I hear some thoughts. Thanks in advance for any advice!

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