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Aqueon 25 gallon planted kit....

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So was browsing at Petsmart recently and discovered this... they have this kit on clearence for 60 bucks!! I had to pick one up. Not too shabby for all the stuff you get with it (the tank itself, glass canopy, aqueon T5, heater, filter, some other odds and ends), even though I will probably be changing all that sooner or later, but good enough to start with. The tank is essentially a 20 gallon tall, but with a few extra inches. 24x12x19

They must be trying to phase these out or something because normally they're like 120 bucks, which is too much if you ask me. The light aint a T5HO, but I'll probably use it anyways as I'm gonna be doin easy/lowlight plants in this tank and should be fine.

Should make a good cherry shrimp home :)

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Really what's going on here with petsmart. All of a sudden all these clearances. I just got a c4 for $20 and a spec for $25. I would of took a lot more stuff home if I wouldn't had taken my wife with me lol. I saw that kit too man I wanted to snatch one up but I couldn't since I'm already working on a 40 gallon. Nice score tho. Can't wait to see it scaped
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