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I just set up a 75 gallon that I bought used and it came with an Aquatop CF500 with a UV light. The bulb was not working so I replaced it and thankfully it was the bulb so it's working now.

How often should I run the light? Should I simply let it run 24/7 or is that overkill? I've never had a canister filter or UV so I'm not sure.

I've also heard that the UV light on the CF500 is simply not enough to do any good on a 75 gallon. Is there any truth to that?

I do have another question about the filter. I'm not really sure what the most would be the most effective way to place the filter media. After getting it I opened it up and the previous user had the following (from top tray to bottom):

Fine filter pad
Small bagged bioballs
Ceramic rings
Course filter pad topped with ceramic rings

When I looked at a PDF by Aquatop it shows the layering as such (again, top to bottom):

Ceramic rings
Course filter pad topped with fine filter pad

I don't plan on adding carbon but should I rearrange the media to more closely mimic what they show?

This is my first canister filter so I'm not really sure what would be most effective.
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