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out of six individuals ( 4 on this site) were not capable of either sending the correct dollar amount ( even after numerous Pms)
or furnished an address the United States Post Office will not recognize.
I have spent a lot of time getting plants ready, posting pictures, answering PM's yada tyada yada...I do not do this for the money- So I refunded the money a few minutes ago.

What a hassel - minimum of 2 hours completely wasted. However what really bothers me is that these plants now go to the trash . Had I known I would have done a RAOK - takes just as much work.
If you are one of the ones I am talking about - your refund has already been sent

Oscar - your package has been dropped off at PO

FUTURE BUYERS - you should be able to send your address in the customary format- it is your fault for not providing a correct address


Just like it says..... 5 bucks a pop
First come first served
PM if interested
Rotala Macranda. 4 available
Plant Twig Terrestrial plant Tree Wood

Blyxa Jajonica- 2 available
Plant Vertebrate Nature Vegetation Terrestrial plant

ludwigia sp Rubin -3 available
Branch Twig Gesture Art Font

Narrow leaf java -1 available
Plant Twig Liquid Terrestrial plant Natural material

Pearl weed - 2 available

Rectangle Font Plant Tints and shades Grass

Plants are packed in wet paper towels with a little bit of water and then seal in a zip lock bag.

Not responsible for your weather
No heat packs

Thanks for looking
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