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I put a thread in the California section but I forgot we had a for sale section on the board. This is pick up only, East Bay, California. Concord to be specific.

From my thread:

I am starting to get rid of some of my old stuff. I am going to post this on Craigslist tonight or tomorrow but I would figure I would give my fellow TPT members a head start. All items are in Concord, CA. I will try to get pictures of everything soon. Because of the size of all items, it doesn't make much sense to ship so I am doing pick up only.

1. Aquaticlife T5HO x4. This comes with an integrated timer controls 2 bulbs at a time as well as the moon lights. Bulbs are around 6-8 months old, with 10,000kX2, 6,7000K, and a Rosette bulb. The moon lights burnt out so I replaced the blue with white. I only did three because Radioshack was out of parts but I will replace the 4th if they have it. I do not have the included legs but they are still available.

Asking $150 OBO. Not sure how much this goes for but it retails at $280.

2. Eheim Ecco 2234. Filter is quiet and in good shape. It has been lightly used for about a year. I did modify the handle to make it fit in a small area so part of the "handle" is shaved. Will take a picture. One of the quick disconnects is broken, but works wide open. This is very similar to a 2215, a bit less flow. Has both inlet and outlet tube but the tubing I have may be short for certain applications.

Asking $75.

3. 20 long, derimmed with metal stand and Coralife T5NO light. Standard 20 long with the top derimmed. I did a good job doing this, IMO. I also will include a metal stand with custom light hangers. I will also through in a Coralife T5NO light, I am sure I have some bulbs for it but they are likely really old. I will take a picture soon. I may even have enough used Flourite black to get you started.

Asking $50, the tank was $20, the light was $50 and the stand was $30, feel that it's reasonable.

4. Fountain pumps for autodoser. I have everything to go with it. The containers are kind of gross but you can have them if you want. I would suggest new ones as this is a DIY process so you still have to calibrate it for your setup.

Not really sure how to price it, I am thinking like $40. I paid around $20 for each pump and $20 for the timer. Other componets are like $10. I will also teach you how to set it up. I will accept other offers, please be reasonable.

I also have a few extra heaters and filters. I need to go through the garage and update this. I know I have an AC 20 and AC 50, but both are loud, not sure if I have media, and no tops. I have an Aquaclear 20 heater and an Eheim Jager, don't recall the wattage but I would use it in a 10 to 20 gallon tank, nothing more than that. I also have random hardscape stuff. I don't know if any of this is worth selling since it's cheap but I can throw it in with another purchase.

1. Aquaticlife T5HO x4:

2. Eheim Ecco 2234 with shaved handle

3. 20 Long with stand and light.

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