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Aquaticlife suspension hardware - any expirience?

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I'd like to raise my Aquaticlife T5 HO higher and was thinking about using their suspension hardware. However, my wife is saying that it will look ugly in the living room. She wants to see it first... :icon_wink

I do not know how big those black covers are and if you have any picture with it hanging from the sealing - I'd appreciate it very much!

Maybe there is another (better) solution besides aquaticlife's one? Something modern, slim without bulky black caps but that fits aquaticlife t5 ho fiture?
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Looking at the Aquaticlife website, the black caps you refer to are just to hide the screw eyes that hold the upper ends of the cables, right? You can always just leave them off. And, you can select your own upper screw eyes that are less obtrusive.
Can't get an agreement to hang it on the ceiling... What about the wall? Anything out there that I can screw to the wall (stubs) and then to hang the fixture?
The bent conduit hanging method is probably the best method for you. Look through the DIY forum for how to do that.
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