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aquatic to semi-aquatic plants?

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I'm thinking of doing a mostly-full tank with just a little bit of soil or something or other 'caught' in some mesh among driftwood limbs near the top back corner. Is there any plant that would do well (and fit in with the general aquatic plant theme) that I can put up there. Either with roots fully submerged, or partially, or even not at all, just very humid. Thanks in advance.
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most aquatic plants if not all can be grown emersed, "semi-aquatic". Keep the air very humid and soil/substrate wet. I guess, expect the aqautic leaves to die off and new emersed leaves will grow in its place.

I've had my hygro polysperma grown out of my nano and does fine in the air.
Also, I'd look around for bog plants and marginals. These are plants that are used in the shallow edges of ponds. Some of them we use in our aquariums, or cousins of them.
I've had tremendous success with plain, old Peace Lilly (readily available nearly everywhree). I have used them both emersed and submersed and they seem extremely accepting of the environment. In fact, I can grow them better inside a tank that in a pot.

Just a thought for you to consider.

Try bacopa monnerie, Bacopa caroliniana (lemon bacopa), althernera reineicki (Ruby runner) , lobelia cardinallis (cardinal flower), Hc, Hm(pearlweed), glosso, dwarf hairgrass(eleocharis parvulus, acicularis), parrot's feather(myriophyllum aquaticum), Hydrocotle sp. (pennywort), creeping jenny, mondo grass, melon and radica sword, anubias, mosses, riccia, rotalas of sorts.

fweeew, that was a list!

just keep the soil wet, the air moist, and the light BRIGHT.

BTW: most all the ones i named above are either easy to obtai or they are pond and aquarium plants.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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