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Aquatic mushroom?

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Hey guys!

As it turns out there is an aquatic mushroom known as Psathyrella aquatica.

How cool would it be to actually have mushrooms in your aquarium?

Anyways, just thought I would share.

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i'm making a mushroom tank lol
I second that

a nice 75 FILLED with mushrooms and maybe a rope fish and some knife fish or other black fish
though, part of me gets the feeling that these mushrooms would be difficult to take care of
Most epic tank ever? I think so.
I wonder if they are poisonous? haha
Or magic mushrooms lol! There was post a while back with a guy that had a mushroom growing from a piece of driftwood submerged
Hmm now I'm thinking a tank would look cool with an Alice in Wonderland look to
spill the beans, where to they come from, what do they need to do well? does aquatic fungi need higher than atmoshperic CO2 or 02; or rotting nasties to consume?

i don't want to be the skeptic, but it looks like that might've been a random shroom from a dry start or something that just got submerged. which to me makes sense of why it looks like it is pearling... It should not pearl, it is not a plant. it contains no chlorophyll.
I did a quick google on it and this is the wikipedia.

Must know how to acquire one.

befriend Oregon folk, I guess...

However, I think I want to acquire some as well..

think they have a (+) or (-) bio-load? by that, i mean are they producing or consuming waste products.

Edit: just saw the video link... it almost looks too stiff.. that cap IMO should act as a parachute in any kind of current.

Edit 2: a quick search brought me to
A little bit of info here, and they asked the question, how does it keep growing in the same place if the water is always washing it down stream. It was observed and specimens were collected over a 3 year period.

Symbiosis with a bird? the article suggests inverts.. but i dunno.. the article says that specimens were viewed on both high and low end of a waterfall... I have my doubts on shrimp making it up a waterfall..

These are the kind of odd ball discoveries that tend to change perspectives on where and how life arises and thrives. It wasn't long ago that it was "fact" that life couldnt work without the sun's rays; until we found geothermal vents, thousands of feet from sunlight.
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Welcome to the wonderful world of Oregon folks! So this mushroom is pretty cool and its not that common in the densely populated areas of the rogue river. Ive only ever seen them at Crater Lake, which is a giant volcano lake. Im thinking since they say it grows in cold, aerated water near volcanic areas it may need certain nutrients. As for why its always in the same place, its spores stay in gas pockets on the underside of the cap. Looks really cool and im planning on going out to collect some come spring. I really want to do a Paludarium with an underwater grotto with a dry pocket and have mushrooms and glowing moss in it. But for a normal underwater cave this would look amazing too.

Anyways come spring i will most definitely be collecting some of this and try to keep them in a tank, probably with a bunch of things from were i collect it.
Fish end up pecking on the shroom and the next thing you know they are swimming funny.

It would be a really cool edition though. We already have dw in our tanks. All we need is a woody, dark tank that has rocks and elevation and shrooms in those places.
This is cool, but Im not gonna be the guinea pig. If anyone tries it be sure to report
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