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Aquatic Experience: Nano Contest Entry

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Hi Everyone,

I wanted to share with you my contest entry nano aquascape for the "Aquascaping Live" contest sanctioned by the Aquatic Gardener's Association at the 2015, Aquatic Experience that was hosted in Chicago, IL last weekend. If you have not yet attended the Aquatic Experience, I would highly recommend it. There are multiple competitions to partake in, great displays and vendors of products not otherwise readily available, and opportunities to meet and converse with some of the most experienced and talented aquascapers.

The Photo Was taken the day after setup and Planting.The aquascape did not place, and this year, the judges chose not to give out comments for the small tank category, so please leave me your criticisms. I am new to the art, and I'm always looking to improve. Please enjoy!

Plant Water Organism Pet supply Aquatic plant

Title: Grace for Isaac

Volume: 7 gal.

Plants: Bucephalandra sp. "Arrogant Blue," Cryptocoryne parva, Eleocharis parvula, Fissidens fontanus, Hemianthus callitrichoides, Hydrocotyle, Rotala rotundifolia, Staurogyne repens, Taxiphyllum "Flame"

Animals: Sundadanio axelrodi, Caridina Serrata "Tangerine Tiger," Neocaridina "Blue Pearl"

Hardscape: "Red Fossil Rock"

I will be redoing some of my private aquascapes soon, so keep an eye out for some new posts. Thank you for your time.

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Thank you both for the comments. I definitely agree that, given the dimensions of the tank, using more vertical space may have made tank more interesting. I think this contest taught me that narrow tanks are not the best suited for the landscape style, not that it cant be done, just that horizontal space is an easier frame to work with. I plan to do something entirely different for the next contest, most likely to incorporate some nice, larger stem plants. As far as the lighting, I agree that it is very distracting in the photo, but each contestant was given the same equipment and set up in the same room, and the judging was in person, so I do not think that it was necessarily a detriment. Now that I have this exact tank from the contest, the rules allow for it to be set up ahead of time and brought in for the next contest. Many of the awarded scapes were brought in that way. I plan to tear this down tomorrow and begin messing around with the next layout. I will continue to post here for the journal. Thanks again.

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