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We at The Aquatic Gardeners Association are thrilled and excited to partner with The Aquatic Experience in announcing the biggest LIVE aquascaping contest to be held in North America. (Big prize money too!) Please enter as an individual, or help your local club (or you can put together a small group of friends… you don’t have to be a formal, organized club!) The AGA BOD will choose the 6 final groups to be invited to compete. Please spread the word to any individuals, groups and clubs you know who might be interested. We want this to be an AWESOME contest! :

Aquatic Experience Aquascaping Live!
Contests Sanctioned and Presented by
The Aquatic Gardeners Association

Aquatic Experience Chicago-2014 will be the host site for the first Aquatic Experience Aquascaping Competitions. Contestants are invited to compete in one of two categories (Small and Large Tank) for $3,900 dollars in prize money.
Small Tank: A maximum of twenty five individuals will compete in the small tank category for $1,900 dollars in prize money. In addition to potential prize money all small tank competitors will take home a Fluval Flora Plant Tank Kit with an upgraded CO2 system…a $200 dollar retail value! The small tank contest is open to all levels of aquascapers. There is a $100 dollar entry fee to participate in the small tank contest.
Large Tank: Six teams (4-6 members per team) will compete in the large tank category for $2,000 dollars in prize money. All team applicantions will be screened by the Aquatic Gardeners Association with the top 6 receiving invitations. There is no entry fee for the large tank competition.
The contests and judging will take place on the exhibit show floor of the Aquatic Experience during show hours. The work-in-progress and award winning aquascapes will be on display for attendees to view all three day of the Show. AGA representatives will be on hand to answer questions and promote the art and science of aquatic gardening. Please review the contest Rules and Regulations for additional information:

Please click here to submit your entry to participate in the contest:

For information about all Aquatic Experience has to offer:
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