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aquatek regulator with solenoid

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I recently upgraded to the aquatek regulator with integrated solenoid, but I'm struggling slightly with dosing the CO2 (CO2 REGULATOR SOLENOID - first one in the list). It seems that whenever I open the main valve I can adjust the pressure, however if I keep it around 30 psi, then after some time the pressure drops and I have to open the main valve further. This makes dosing incredibly inconsistent and I've almost gassed my fish once so far. Any help as to the proper use would be greatly appreciated. I've already consulted the manual, which isn't much help in this case.

Thank you!!!
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I think a lot of people have these types of issues with Aquatic regulators. This is why I when with a GLA regulator. Are you within a return/warranty period?
I tried using aquatic reg years ago, they are cheap but don't last.
Unfortunately, it's not within the timeframe anymore. Yea, I think the aquatek regulator was a bad choice for my needs. Right now, I'm trying to get as much mileage out of the existing regulator, but I'll have to upgrade I think. Thank you for the replys so far and if there is a way to not have to adjust the main valve constantly, please let me know!
Not the highest quality but it should be able to do that job. Have you tried increasing the working pressure to 50-60 and then adjusting the NV?
Yea I've been pondering that. I'm actually not sure to what I can increase the pressure safely since a higher pressure would produce more reliable CO2 for longer. Any ideas what safe higher levels I can increase to?
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