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Aquatek Mini Regulator leaks nearly all CO2 after 3 weeks consistently.

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So I recently picked up this regulator with an Empire 20oz tank. I've been having an issue where after about 3 weeks of running the tank suddenly starts losing pressure. I refilled it, tightened everything and everything seemed fine. 3 weeks or so later, the same thing happened. I tried spreading soapy water over everything but I don't see any bubbling.

Anyone know what causes this? It's only 3 months old...
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hey guys, i have the aquatek mini for 1 month now at 1 bps, filled it up a month ago at 750 psi but now its at 300-400 psi already, i did the soapy water leak test and looks like i have a micro leak, at the tiny hole on the bottom of the regulator.... i have a new o ring on it whats going on? do i need to lube the o ring? should i use teflon tape?
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