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Like many Aquatek Mini owners, I've grown to hate their needle valve. I have never built any CO2 systems and the only experience I have with CO2 regulators is my Aquatek. Searching this and other forums, I could never find exactly how to replace the valve with pics included. Maybe this will be useful for someone else . . .

Based on reading that the stock valve is really difficult to remove (it's cemented, evidently), I decided to put a new valve inline directly after the stock needle valve. I wanted to have the valve attached to the reg somehow so I didn't have to figure out how to mount it in my cabinet. By luck, when the Aquatek is mounted to a 20oz tank it gives me about 1/8 of an inch room between the top of my cabinet and the very top of the solenoid. So, I couldn't have any modification extend past the top of the solenoid.

Here's what I ended up with. It's a bit of a kludge. I'm sure someone else will have better ideas, but this works for me. I chose the Fabco based on price, but the hex shape of the body allowed for easy attachment of the valve to the regulator. I can't figure out inline pics, so please see them below and ignore the wrench marks on the fittings :).

* (1) Fabco NV-55-18
* (1) 1/8 MIP x 1/8 FIP elbow
* (2) 1/8 MIP x 1/8 hose barb
* (1) cable tie :)
* Thread sealant

Flow: Stock needle valve -> hose -> barb -> 1/8 elbow -> NV-55-18 -> barb -> tank

There's a second configuration that didn't work for me because it increased the height of the entire assembly and it wouldn't fit in my cabinet. It may work for someone else. This configuration will take up more space and could also make it easier to tip over the tank and reg assembly. This is the second to the last pic and doesn't include the needle valve.

* (1) 1/8 Union fitting
* (1) 1/8 MIP hex nipple
* (1) 1/8 MIP x 1/8 FIP elbow
* (1) 1/8 MIP x 1/8 hose barb
* Thread sealant

Flow: stock valve -> union -> hex nipple -> elbow -> NV-55-18 -> barb -> tank


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