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Aquatek Mini CO2 Regulator Tubing

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I will be purchasing the Aquatek Mini CO2 Regulator. I saw they have specific "AQUATEK CO2-Proof Tubing". I am in Canada and it costs $45. I was hoping to find a cheaper option available in Canada, I really dont need a lot of it. What type of other tubing would work?

It says that the aquatek tubing is 3/16″ Inner Diameter, I need to make sure whatever tubing I buy it obviously fits.

Thank you for the help!
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Be careful about the tubing. There's different qualities. Some of the silicone tubing sold on the Internet is really cheap and thin and will be permanently kinked, when you get it. It's better to buy locally, because you can see the quality first hand.

And be careful about the check valves. Those sold on Amazon for like 5 for 5 dollars all leak. They're made for air and not CO2. Since the check valves should be kept at the water line, it's easy to test them by dunking them in the water.

And make sure to leak test your system with soapy water. Even some expensive systems leak. CO2 splitters are notorious for leaking. You may end up having to seal the threads.
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