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Hello everyone, I have a few things I'm looking to sell. All equipment is in great condition. Prices do not include shipping, however in most cases shipping is $7.

[STRIKE]Aquatek Mini Co2 Regulator for Paintball tanks - $85, includes regulator with solenoid and two 20oz paintball tanks.[/STRIKE]
[STRIKE]10 in Finnex Fugeray LED - $20 This light was only used for a short while and is practically new. Includes light and mounting legs. [/STRIKE]
[STRIKE]12 in Finnex Fugeray LED - $25 Same as the 10 inch, practically new. [/STRIKE]
[STRIKE]24 in Finnex Fugeray LED - $45 Same as the 10 inch, practically new. [/STRIKE]

I also have a few items for pick up only in the Quakertown, PA area. Would be willing to meet halfway within reason. Pictures available on request.

  • [STRIKE]20 gallon long tank - $40 Includes tank, top, heater, hob filter, some driftwood pieces and other odds and ends.[/STRIKE]
  • Large piece of driftwood (see picture) - $40 Approx. size is 22x11x15. I have 2 of these available.
  • Fluval Ebi 8 Gallon Rimless Shrimp tank (see picture) - $75 Includes tank, glass top, heater, nano piece of driftwood, filter, light, some shrimp supplements, thermometer etc.
  • 29 Gallon Tank and Stand - $145 Includes tank, black aqueon stand, glass top, fluval hob filter, heater, some driftwood, substrate and more. Can include some fish as well.
I can also combine some items. For instance, if you want the 29 gallon tank, the light and the co2 system together for a complete package then we can work out a deal. Thanks for looking.


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