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Aquatech? CO2

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Anyone have any luck with this brand of CO2 Regulator and Solenoid?
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I'm having alot of 'luck'.

I've had my setup up and running for a good 8 or so months with not a single issue. I was amazed at how consistent the needle valve has been.
Iv had an Aquatek for a couple of weeks, I replaced the cheep bubble counter it comes with and put in a brass check valve. It took a couple of times to dial in the bubble rate but its stayed stable so far, we'll see how it preforms in the long run, but its a good entry level price. Also if you don't have the time or don't want to piece on together its a good option IMO. L
Do I need a pH regulator really? Or can I just have it come on when the lights come on and go off when the lights go off?
Do I need a pH regulator really? Or can I just have it come on when the lights come on and go off when the lights go off?
No, you don't need a pH regulator. I believe a good majority of the people here have their co2 kick in an hour or so before lights on and off with lights off.

This is the regulator I'm getting, unless my fiance wants to get me something else. I have a nice bubble counter I'll add to it. Researching this regulator, I can't find any solid bad reviews on it, most nay-sayers seem to be people who haven't even tested them out, but don't like cheap regulators.

Obviously the difference between this and say a GLA regulator is probably the difference between a baseline Ford Focus and a loaded Lincoln MKS, but I'd rather have something to drive than try to ride a bike everywhere! (bike = DIY co2)
Goog analogy! haha
I just worry about pH fluctuations and stressing the fish out...
Ha I like the way you think captivate5!
I wouldn't worry about PH fluctuations I have my co2 come on and hour before the lights and every thing seems to be fine. You do need a drop checker though just to keep tabs on your co2 level. Green good for plants, good for fish, yellow means you have to much
co2 and your fish can suffocate. L
Well this tank will house a discus, a school of cardinals, marbled hatchetfish, CRS, Amano shrimp, Otos and possibly one or two other species... dunno yet..

I really am worried about the pH fluctuations
I think you would be fine without the pH controller, but if you want to spend the money, you can always purchase one.
Just wanted to put something out there for other purchasers to keep in mind. I replaced a $130 regulator with this one (the solenoid failed in just 2 days) and while it seems to work ok, keep in mind this is a very cheap needle valve. It has been very difficult to dial it in because not even an 8th of a turn turns the co2 from off to faster than I can count bubbles and flooding the tank with co2. It has such a sudden change you have to look at the valve because the most minor change that you can't even feel with your fingers can drastically change the flow rate. This is with the working pressure as low as it will go. Getting it steady at 2 drops a second has been a huge pain the butt.
I have been running an Aquatec since October of last year. The needle valve is not the best but once you get it dialed in it works fine. If you wanted you could always replace the needle valve with a better one. I was going to but ended up deciding it was not really necessary.
I have the aquatek mini for 4 months now and it's working fine. That being said, I would not buy anything from aquatek because of no Customer service, meaning no response from them. I would go with GLA, they have 3 years warranty on their Regulators, that equates to better unit.
Have had an Aquatek mini for 2 months now. Great product with no problems. Happy I purchased this over a full sized regulator as I am still on my initial 20oz bottle.

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ihad my aquatek mini for about 5 months with no major issues.
the only incident that ihad was that my solenoid didnt turn on one day but ijust unplugged it from the timer and replugged it and everythn there after was happily ever after lol
my solenoid likes to randomly go out, I don't trust the thing enough anymore to keep it on a timer.
my solenoid likes to randomly go out, I don't trust the thing enough anymore to keep it on a timer.
Upgrade the solenoid maybe?
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