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AquastyleOnline Customer Support= Incredible!

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I fried an LED driver the other day, due to a loose wire connection (my fault).
ASO promptly helped me troubleshoot it.
They said they will send me a new one for free.
This is the third time, they have offered free replacement parts.
Only once, was it an issue with a defective part.
The other times, it was something I messed up. They have promptly solved any issues I have encountered.
The LED driver I ordered at 04:30AM this morning, I was advised by phone, my FEDEX order will be delivered tomorrow!
This is coming from Hong Kong, no less!
This is the third time I have had an order come from them this quickly!
Bar none, best customer I have EVER experienced!
Ray and staff can recommend the perfect LED combination for your setup!
I am totally jazzed with my 125 and 29 gallon setups, I have bought from them! :)
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