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Hey Everyone...First time poster, but long time lurker.

Here is a few picture of my Aquastyle 9 planted tank.

My planted Aquarium:
-BML XB Iwagumi 7000K
-Eheim 2215 Canister Filter

-Anubias Nana
-Banana Plant
-Magenta Talenthera
-Staurogyne Repens

-SeaChem Excel (3ml/day).
-SeaChem Iron (1ml/ every two days)
-SeaChem Comprehensive (1ml/week)
-Macro (2ml/day)
-Micro (2ml/day)
-Water change once a week at 50%

Photoperiod = 8 hours/day.
Temperature = 79-80F

Critiques and comments welcome.


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It looks great! I'm kind of surprised you're able to get away with just excel using a BML. I thought those puppies pumped out the light.
Thank you!

Yup, the XB series produced a lot of light. At my current setting, I have the BML XB light max out at 30-40% over 8 hours/day. Anything higher would result in massive amount of algae.
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