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I have run into a glitch. The site I ordered my aquasoil from ran out, been in western australia that is the only place I have found it in and thats over east postage is a stinger. They dont know when they will be getting anymore in, so I will be receiving only 1 9L bag of Aquasoil and 5 kg of power soil-sand (it says).
I was wondering if I could use worm castings under the aquasoil if it is not deep enough as I have been told that I would need at least 2 bags for my 30 inch aquarium. I know the WC needs to be boiled or cooked and rinsed, I have my own worm farm so easily accessible. Now I have payed a fair bit for this aquasoil so I would like to use it. The fish that are in the tank keeping the filters fed can be moved out if levels are going to be nasty for awhile.
Also if I use this powersand stuff which I think is the bottom layer stuff not the powder stuff could I mix my EC with that or put EC on top of it.

Im doing a jungle mostly crypts, wont really be rescaping at all just tending the jungle. Im making a sparkling gourami habitat.

Any help would be most appreciated I am a newbie :confused1:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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