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I've got some water chemistry conundrums in my new 2.5 gallon nano, which has ADA Aquasoil Amazonia as a substrate. Before being added to the tank, my treated tap water measures 80-120 ppm KH and pH 6.8. After a week in the tank, the water measures only about 0-40 ppm KH and pH 6.2. The Utricularia graminifolia seems to be throwing a fit about these low parameters and is melting in spots.

The tank has no CO2 injection, just treated with the full line of Flourish products, including Excel.

Do I need to fix this problem? Is it something that will even out over time, or should I aggressively add something(s) to my water to make the parameters more ideal for plant growth? And if I do need to adjust the parameters, what do I add? Baking soda? Crushed coral? Something else?

and yes, I realize that I need to get a master test kit and stop relying on test strips
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