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Just wanted to share with you my last project - AquaSketch
It's a nice tool designed to help you with your aquascaping - by making a sketch of your plans.

It's only the first version and it's going to improve, so please tell me what you think and make any comments or suggestions.
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Wow this is great. Would love to see the plant database increase...perhaps add Eleocharis? Would also love to have some driftwood and rock options. But awsome job!
Would love to see the plant database increase...perhaps add Eleocharis? Would also love to have some driftwood and rock options. But awsome job!
I will definitely do that in the next version, hoping it will be soon.
Due to popular demand I decided to make a little update - Rocks and Woods!
(version 2.0 is comming soon...)


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I am having a ball with this! Job well done!

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I think im blind,How come i cant see blyxa in there but i see it in your picture
try using lilaeopsis

Last one for a bit!
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pretty cool. It's a lot like my project.. I think you need to work on making it user friendly. it's tough to work with and modify.

this is mine.
Very nicely done! I look forward to using your tool to assist me in planning out my two pending tanks. Keep up the good work.
Yeah, it is a good program to play with. I like how you can see what it will look like and that it shows depth. I would make it a little more user friendly though.
Great job! You've put a lot of work into that!
Hello everybody,

Thanks for all the compliments.
It was really exciting to see people are using my tool.

You got me motivated to continue working on the next version.
I plan to provide an easy way to share your designs.

"I'll be back" :icon_smil
I have just released version 2.0 of my little flash tool - aquasketch 2.0

Well, it doesn't include all that I hoped (and promised), but it does include one important feature: You can now share your aquascape plannings!
I also added a few more plants, rocks and woods - which I'm going to continue.

Here are two examples of my first tries with the new saving feature:
aquascape #1
aquascape #2

Go ahead! experiment your aquascapes and... share.
Enjoy, ...and Let me know if you have any problems...
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I can see myself playing on there getting new ideas. Thanks its alot of fun trying it on here than in my tank.
Wow this is pretty nice, I will probably be here a lot when I'm bored. Here's my quick project nothing too fancy. I wish my tank would look like this though. BTW how come I can't save the picture of my project so I can just post the pic here. I'd rather just show the best shot from a specific angle I like.
wow, nice sketch!

At the moment, I'm not planing on adding a save-as-image feature (mainly because it will take a lot of time to process)

However, you could just simply use alt+printscreen and edit it a little bit.
Wow! Excellent job ofridagan! Wish I had seen this sooner!
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