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Aquascaping Tips?

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I've kept planted tanks for a long time but have never had a real show piece. Just "jungle style" tanks loaded with different kinds of plants and some driftwood.

I'd probably go with a dutch/jungle style aquascape. Here's what I'm planning to get or have gotten...

- 18 liters of ADA Amazonia Aqua Soil (3" in my tank)
- "Branchy" driftwood

Any scape tips? Ideas that you've been wanting to try? Ideas for a hooded cube tank?

Even basic aquascaping tips help. :)

The tank is 24" long by 15" wide by 18" tall, BTW. This model...

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Thanks for the help guys!

The substrate should be here today so I'll post some pictures of possible scapes to get opinions.
It would be helpful to at least start the scape so we can get a feel for what you like and where your headed. As for tips, i watched a bunch of youtube videos on the subject, looked at a bunch of show tanks and read these forums for a while. Way too much info to try and encapsulate in one post. Sorry, i know not very helpful
I agree with fj - it would help to see what you have in mind. Show us some options to give a sense of where you're going with this. You mention a Dutch look, but I can't recall seeing "branchy" driftwood in Dutch style tanks (although I suppose that's where the "jungle" part comes in).
Yeah, changed plans.

What I want to do now is dry start the tank to get a carpet of dwarf baby tears. After I fill up the tank, there's two ways I could go. I think I want to use jungle val around the back center of the tank, mainly behind the driftwood, with some smaller/shorter plants around it. I may add a few reddish ones just for contrast.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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