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Aquascaping Hills, Anaerobic Bacteria

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I've been watching a lot of TheGreenMachine and Takashi Amano videos lately, and thinking to try and scape a mountain themed scape.

My question is, while reefing I learned that you don't want to make the sand deeper than 2 inches because of the build up of anaerobic bacteria that can build up and eventually harm the fish/corals. Does the same thing happen in dirted tanks in freshwater? I was planning to make a foot high hill, maybe a little higher than that.
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When your going to build a really large structure, it is often possible to build an internal frame that is open and mount your rocks and so on upon that. Items such as egg crate, plastic pipe, acrylic rods, flower pots, and just about anything else can be used. That way you don't have a huge solid hill to deal with.
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